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I am sure the homeless appreciate this over, I don’t know… Food, shelter, or a job.


Signs for the Homeless 

an art project started by artists Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope in an effort to raise awareness about poverty and homelessness around the Boston area. The basic concept behind the ongoing project is that the two artists approach homeless people on the streets who are holding signs and propose an exchange. As their tag line states: “A sign in exchange for donations and a hand painted sign.” Essentially, Nakayama and Hope offer $10 and create hand painted signs for each person they come across.

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“When Vermeer’s exquisite Woman in Blue Reading a Letter took her place in the center of our large gallery of Dutch paintings—rearranged for the occasion—the impact was intriguingly complex: she seemed both calmly at home, while simultaneously introducing a strong, distinctive new presence.”

This week on Getty Voices, Anne Woollett, curator of Dutch paintings, considers the power of Vermeer.

I love this blog of nothing by art installation pictures. Chance to see behind the curtain if you will.